My Very Own Museum of Bad Art

Since the self-portrait that I’ve been working on won’t be finished for a few more days, I thought it would be fun/funny/pretty embarrassing actually, to show a few of my self-portraits from high school and college. Yep, I’m really posting these on the internet, oh wow…

First up is this gem that I did junior year of high school. It’s actually a somewhat decent drawing and bears a slight resemblance to me, but really? After two weeks straight of staring into a mirror in Mrs. Cazealult’s classroom this is the best that I could do?

Next up is this one that I did in my painting class at 4C’s. I laughed out loud when I saw it again for the first time the other day. While I think it actually kind of looks like me, what’s with the color palette? I really hope that was a requirement of the assignment…

And then there’s this thing. I forget which class I did this for at MassArt, probably Typography 1, but here it is, Danne made out of type. It is what it is I suppose. Hey, at least I got the size of my mouth right.

A shout out to my brother Sean who sorted through piles of bad Danne art in my parents basement to pull these out and photograph them. Sadly, I was informed by him this afternoon that my Roy Lichtenstein inspired self-portrait drawn with sharpies on a kitchen tile is nowhere to be found.

A moment of silence…

Moving on. Coming sometime this weekend is my 2011 self-portrait, but don’t expect to see some sort of artistic progression. So far it’s looking like 10 years and a BFA haven’t improved my ability to capture a likeness. I’ve still got a few days though, we’ll see if I can make it look like it’s fresh from one of those sweet portrait kiosks at the mall.

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