I Draw Pictures All Day

There seems to be an underlying assumption held by those who aren’t in the creative field that as a graphic designer, your job is essentially to draw pictures all day. This has become such a funny misconception that Veer even made these T-Shirts. While it’s obviously not true most of the time, there are definitely some days—those magical days—when drawing is actually part of the job description, and you’re given the green light to spend most of your day sketching out ideas.

In college, I was taught a design process that encouraged me to develop my concepts and sketch them out on paper before bringing anything into the computer. While I’ve tried to hold true to this practice in the working world, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to sketch things out the old fashioned way. In the last year or so, I’ve made a conscious effort to make time for hand sketching in my design process and not only has it made my sketchbook way more exciting to look at, but it’s improved my work as well.

Below are a few pages of sketches for a project that I’m working on at Jeff Kennedy Associates for some exhibit signage. Although I can get cranky about work just like anyone else, I have to remind myself that a lot of the time I do get paid to draw pictures all day—and that’s pretty awesome.

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