12 Months of Lent Logo

Although my intent this month is to draw purely for fun, the graphic designer in me can’t help but create something practical. That being said, I found myself sketching out a logo for 12 Months of Lent during one of my drawing sessions the other night, whoops! Giving this blog some sort of branded identity has been on my To-Do list forever but I just haven’t made it a priority. What better way to get it done than to incorporate it into a challenge?

I’m posting my very rough, 1st page of sketches which is basically just a bunch of ideas dumped onto the page (hopefully you get the gist of it). I had initially envisioned it as purely type (with super defined serifs), but once I discovered that if you take the “of” out, “12 Months of Lent” has 12 letters, I thought that playing off the idea of 12 elements coming together to make a whole might be worth considering.

Any ideas/comments/suggestions? What about colors? Anyone want to just do it for me? As I’ve come to find out, it’s impossible to design things for yourself…

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