Up For Grabs

The following items from the Danne Dzenawagis Collection are looking for a new home, any takers?

I have a big box of vintage black and white darkroom supplies that I’m looking to give away (I actually got these from my childhood doctor when I went in to see her about a rash that I was getting from darkroom chemicals haha). I also have an enlarger and am looking to hand that off to someone who will make use of it as well. Let me know! Not only can you have these items for free, but you’ll also win bonus points with my mom for getting them out of the basement.

I have these lovely bongo drums leftover from my lounge music phase. They still have a special place in my heart but I’d love to see them go to someone who will actually play them. They’ve been sitting in my closet since 1998. $30?

3 thoughts on “Up For Grabs

  1. do you have a dark room timer or a metal negative tray? I am missing both from my darkroom set up…and believe it or not that damn negative tray is expensive!!!

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