Snail Mail Junk Mail

Just like with email, before you know it, your snail mailbox can become overwhelmingly overloaded with junk mail. I remember turning 18 and immediately getting bombarded with credit card offers. It’s like they had some sort of countdown clock from the second I was born to when I was legally allowed to get myself into financial trouble. Add in a few of those weird Value Pack coupon bundles, a bunch of bizarre catalogs you never knew existed, and the weekly grocery store circulars, and your kitchen table ends up looking more like a mail room than a place to relax and enjoy a meal.

Like with email, you just have to unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive these things. It’s not as easy as clicking a link at the bottom of an email, but with a little work you can reduce the amount of junk mail that gets delivered to your house. Here are a few resources that I’ve used with success:

Tired of getting every catalog known to man?
Don’t need another credit card?
Think the phone book is a waste of trees?
All set with direct mail?

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