When Life Hands You Lemons

After I did my dietary detox last month I thought it would be appropriate to build off of the detox theme and do a technology detox for December’s lent. I wanted to observe my current habits; how much I was texting, how many times a day I was checking Facebook, etc. and see just how much I was really overindulging in these activities.

Only one day into my technology tally though, I found out that my contract was running out at the place that I was currently freelancing at. Time to find a new job. With minimal phone usage though? And restrictions on how many times a day I could check my email? And without the help of social networking? Probably not the best idea at this point in time. I think this lent is going to have to hibernate for the winter.

What now then? Well, I bought myself a month of unlimited yoga at my favorite new studio (happy birthday me!) and I’m buying a scratch ticket every day (in addition to looking for work, of course). My goal for this month is to get a new job or win $50,000, whichever comes first.

When life hands you lemons: buy scratch tickets.

p.s. Let’s hang out during the week

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