Scheduling "Me-Time" (or indulging my Type A personality)

I’m a big-time list maker and have been for my whole life. Even as early as middle school I was making lists to remind myself to change Lucy and Ethel’s tank (my “I Love Lucy” inspired pet mice), clean out my unnaturally organized closet, and write my Christmas thank-you cards. What kind of 12 year old does this? A: The same one who gets hired by her friends parents to clean their kids’ bedrooms at an hourly rate (true story, on more than one occasion too).

I remember the day when I finally checked everything off my to-do list and asked my mom what I was supposed to do then: “Whatever you enjoy doing” she said. Oh, right. I probably started a new list right then and added “Enjoy yourself” to the top.

Well, nothing much has changed I suppose because this week I’ve been all about scheduling Me-Time (does this officially make me a grown-up or someone who needs to be committed?). I remember reading about a life coach suggesting this in an old issue of Body + Soul, but I had never actually tried it myself. I have to say; it’s been pretty effective so far. By treating journal writing or going to a yoga class on the same level of importance as paying bills and running errands, it gives each item a little more gravity (and the extra satisfaction of being able to check it off a list!). Seeing “lay in the grass on your lunch break” on my Teux Deux list definitely makes it less overwhelming to look at too.

You can’t plan everything of course, and some of my best ‘Just Be’ moments have come much more organically. Whichever way they happen though, being more conscious and in the moment has only made me enjoy my days more, especially the ones that are full of work and responsibilities.

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