Week 2’s Tally

Last week I consumed 29 cups of varied fruits and veggies, missing my goal of 35 by 6 cups. Not bad though, I’m up 6 cups from last week so I’ll consider it a success. My observation of the week is that 35 cups a week isn’t really as outlandish as I thought it might be. You just have to, a. Make sure you buy plenty of produce so it’s easily accessible, and b. Snack on fruits and veggies throughout the day. I’m not going that far out of my way to get my servings, I’m just being more conscious of it. It’s actually been kind of a relief to realize that I’m not as far off as I thought I would be and that with minimal effort I can actually do it. Horray!

Think I should make an iphone app out of this?

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