"Is there any kale in that?"

July turned out to be a very tasty month of kale eating indeed. Did I eat it every day? Well no, I definitely wasn’t perfect, but I did manage to work it into my diet on most days and I have to say that it’s really grown on me. I get excited when I see it on the menu at a restaurant, I have fun trying to figure out how to sneak it into recipes, and it was definitely a funny topic of conversation: “Is there any kale in that? I’m trying to eat kale every day this month” got me a few funny looks.

The biggest lesson I learned and what I’ll take with me from this month: You can sneak kale into just about anything. Toss some into a smoothie and you won’t even notice the taste. A bit of kale mixed into some scrambled eggs really jazzes ‘em up. Try these delicious apple kale muffins, you’d never guess they were chock full of kale. Basically, kale plays well with others and considering how awesome it is for you, it’s worth it to include it in your cooking whenever you can.

So, I’m officially a kale convert. Thanks to everyone who ate kale with me and supported my kale habit. I think it’s finally time for me to sport the “Eat More Kale” tshirt. And oh wow, this is on the top of my Christmas list.

And tell me I’ve taken it too far but I think Kale or Cael, would be a pretty good name for a baby boy. Sorry future baby’s daddy, my mind’s made up…

Next up for August: The 5 to 9, where I attempt to eat the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

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