These things…

…are actually kind of awesome. I always immediately toss them into the recycling bin but in the spirit of Miser March, I decided to check them out this week. I sat down for an hour or so and compared the sales at 3 different supermarkets. Here’s this week’s miser report:

Shaws wins for cheapest tuna and oranges and they also have a good deal going where you can buy 4 packages of produce for $7.99.

Stop&Shop has a lot of good sales this week including, 2 for $4 strawberries, 10 for $10 28 oz. cans of tomato sauce, and 10 for $10 avocados.

Market Basket wins for toothpaste over the other stores with Crest at 2 for $3, and they also have 2 for $5 blueberries which seems to be a great deal for this time of year.

I also really wish I had the 40% A.C. Moore coupon last week when I actually needed something there. Time to start giving the grocery store fliers a once over before tossing them out.

2 thoughts on “These things…

  1. Wow! 10 cans of tomato sauce for $10, that's pretty awesome. 2 for $5 blueberries is also really awesome. I too throw these out immediately, but I would totally spend 5 minutes to get those two coupons.

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