Miser March

Miser: A person who lives in wretched circumstances in order to save and hoard money.

Or, what unemployment has turned me into.

I’ve been out of work for about 8 months now so I’m definitely no stranger to scrimping and saving. Even though I’ve always been a careful spender, unemployment has definitely taken it to the next level. I’m comparing prices at the supermarket, using everything until the last drop, borrowing and making instead of buying, and just cutting back wherever I can. Although I’ve become a champ at this, I’m sure I can do better. This month I’m taking my economizing up a notch and declaring it Miser March.

Here’s what I’m thinking so far:

I’m starting out by doing something that I’ve always wanted to do: Withdrawing my weekly spending allowance from the ATM at the beginning of each week and spending only that. I feel like physically handing someone money rather than using a piece of plastic with my name on it might make me think twice before purchasing something unnecessary.

I cannot use my credit card or dip into my savings account unless it’s an emergency.

I should make or borrow whenever possible, but if I do need to buy something, it has to be on sale or second hand. Time to utilize Coupon Cabin, Craigslist, the library and things like Bank of America’s Add It Up Program.

Spend as little as possible on food and drink. Looks like it’s time to actually read through those grocery store flyers that usually get tossed into the recycling bin and do some comparison shopping. I remember being in awe of my friend Jess when she told me that she spent about $20 a week to eat. Eating out and drinking (alcohol) are only allowed if it doesn’t push me over my weekly budget. Love you 3 buck chuck!

Read through The Tightwad Gazette for money saving tips on everything. I’ll be sure to post good things that I find.

Sell things I no longer have a need for on Ebay or Craigslist for extra cash.

As always, I’m interested in feedback so if anyone has any tips for me, please share.

One thought on “Miser March

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