Life Junk

Out of all of the challenges that I’ve completed for the 12 Months of Lent, this February’s fun month may come across as less serious or structured than some of the other months I’ve done, but my intent for it was the same as it’s been all along. Like with every other month, I recognized something that was lacking in my life and devoted a month to trying to fix it.

Although I had originally designated February as Frugal February (now switched to Miser March), I’m glad that it wasn’t set in stone. Last year I determined each month’s challenge in advance, but this year I decided to figure them out month by month, allowing me more flexibility, and I definitely think it’s better this way. Coming out of January, what I really needed was a pick-me-up, not an intensive spending restriction to keep me in my house and further my status as a Watertownie. After the rough 6 months I had just gone through, I needed to get out of my head and back into the world.

So, did it work? Did a month of enforced fun help to pull me out of my winter slump? Yes and no. While I may not have partied like it was 2007, I did manage to have one of the best months that I’ve had in a while. Maybe I didn’t have rip roaring fun every day, but I did manage to do something enjoyable that helped lift my spirits for sure.

Sometimes we all need a reminder to not let life junk get in the way of living life, and that’s just what Fun February was for me.

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