November & December

November’s random acts of kindness ended up being a really positive month. I left notes for waiters and waitresses when I thought the service was excellent, I tried to be less of a Masshole when I was driving, I made an effort to smile at strangers I passed on the street, but most of all, I spent a lot of time making handmade cards and gifts.

As for December, I had originally intended for it to be a sort of wild card month. I was either going to repeat a month I really liked, or try to combine a few different months into one. But when Caribbean vacations, birthdays, and holidays got in the way, I ended up taking the month off. In reflecting on the year though, I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve kept bits and pieces of each months challenges, so I guess December wasn’t too far off from my original intent. More on that later…

One thought on “November & December

  1. I love the kindness month. I'm pretty kind all the time but I could definitely step it up. This is one that everyone in the world should do. There should be a national kindness to strangers month. I say we start a petition.Did you make a new list for the months in 2010?

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