Week 2, I Love You

Um, Jenny and I went to the farmers market at Harvest Co-op in Central today and I went mental and bought everything. Not only did I purchase a ton of delicious looking vegetables (including a skinny, twisted eggplant and black tomatoes), but I got a blueberry turnover from a local bakery and homemade cranberry lavender lemonade. Best find of the day though? Ambrosia tea from The Herb Lyceum in Groton, MA. Field trip anyone?

After the market, we headed over to Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Somerville where I purchased black pepper fettuccine and local soft ripened cheese.

I’ll be eating delicious and local for a mere $50. I love this month.

2 thoughts on “Week 2, I Love You

  1. ummm since i have a job I'll prob be excluded from the field trip, but give me enough notice and I'll take vacation day. And thanks Danne… since were dating I get to enjoy in the spoils of your adventures.

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