The Race Is On

June hasn’t been going exactly as planned. This months challenge is to write down 30 things that you want to do and do something different from the list each day. I don’t know about everyone else, but June has been the busiest month of my entire life. I had to stay late a bunch of nights for work, I went to a ton of shows, my Project M application was due, my new photo class started and it’s two nights a week instead of just one, etc…So, what I’m getting at is that I’ve barely done anything from my list.Now that things have died down a bit though, the race is on to cross as many things off as possible in the next week. Just today, I made muffins from scratch and wrote some Yelp reviews, there’s two right there! A few other things from the list that I hope to get to this week:

-Play monopoly
-Do yoga
-Infuse vodka with fruit
-Finish designing Sondra’s Etsy banner (i mean it this time Sondra!)
-Go to Bluegrass night at the Cantab Lounge
-Cross stitch
-Buy a Spare Change newspaper from the guy that has been selling them outside of South Station every day since I started working at Neoscape.

and you know what, I’ll just keep going through the list all summer. I’m ok with taking my time for this one.

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