Learn from my mistake…

Do not wait 2.5 weeks to empty your kitchen compost bin, and if you do, don’t open it inside the house:


Seriously, I just made this mistake and the whole first floor of my house smells like baby poop mixed with puke. Wow, sorry roommates. I have learned my lesson.

2 thoughts on “Learn from my mistake…

  1. Dane- I know we are using different methods to compost, but mine hasn't really been an issue with regards to smelliness. I put a lot of dry stuff in mine, like paper towels, paper plates from the pizza place downstairs, paper cups, cotton balls etc. and that seems to help with the smell. Even when I open my composter it barely smells, and the smell that ensues is the inevitable earthy smell of rotting stuff, but it's not baby poop and puke, and doesn't linger. Just a tip. Maybe it will help?

  2. well, i think we figured it out. apparently tim dumped a whole container of mayonnaise in ours and an assortment of other things that you shouldn't compost unless you're a seasoned composter. bingo! rotting mayonnaise is the vile thing, not the rotting vegetables.

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