My March

As most of you probably know, I had to abandon my goal of rock climbing this month. I managed to injure myself in the most embarrassingly stupid way and my dreams of becoming a cute rock climber girl were crushed (only for the time being though). It’s a bummer but it’s definitely something that I still want to get into, so to all of you that I had climbing dates with, stay patient! I still want to climb with you! But moving on…

So, what have I been doing all month instead? March turned into a “do all those little things you’ve been meaning to do” month. I’ve been working on my logo, spending time in my studio, getting in touch with old friends, finally using the yoga gift certificate Tim got me for my birthday in 2007…just stuff like that. Although it’s not as structured as the other months have been, it feels really great to finally be crossing some things off my gigantic to-do list. Whether you notice it or not, all those little things take up space in your mind and it feels pretty freeing when you can release them. It’s been a sort of mental detox which is the perfect follow-up to February’s physical detox and a nice compliment to January’s journal writing. They’re all connecting!

So, all in all a really positive month so far. I will say that I’m a little nervous for April and being the weird girl carrying around a trash bag everywhere I go. I’m going to have to come up with some parameters so it can be feasible. Any suggestions?

One thought on “My March

  1. I would be nervous too! Maybe you could arrange a daily “cleanup hour” at predetermined locations to avoid having to chase each and every piece of garbage down the street.

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