Yesterday I had to cheat…

Tim and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping so I had to find vegan breakfast in Fort Point before work. Usually Flour (my favourite place to eat, ever) has vegan muffins but yesterday I was out of luck. I had to resort to eating at the Metro (for those of you who haven’t eaten there, it’s basically a glorified convenience store with less than mediocre food). I searched around for anything that didn’t contain high fructose corn syrup or dairy and came up empty handed. I had to give in and eat an english muffin with jam, both of which contained high fructose corn syrup and tasted unusually sweet. F.

Other than that though, everything has been going well, really awesome actually. I love being a vegan. I’m losing weight (3lbs so far! haha), eating so healthy, cooking more, and not impulse eating. Not drinking is amazing too. I’m being productive, creative, saving money, and having solid times with friends that I remember the next day. A+.

I’m also beginning my preparations for next month which I’m really pumped about. I’ve enlisted my friend Cristiam as my rock climbing mentor and I’m doing push ups and hanging from anything I can find.

How’s everyone else doing? Any new participants?

3 thoughts on “Yesterday I had to cheat…

  1. I’m really psyched on this blog! Good going! It’s really inspirational to see my friends trying to improve their lives in so many ways. Keep up the good work and let’s get together soon! ‘Gansett boy.-bcam

  2. I’m being a vegetarian, and I love it so far!I definitely feel less stuffy after I eat, and I feel like I lost my weight too (although I did not, but I do feel like I’m much lighter than before.. haha). Once I get used to doing this, I should try being a vegan too!

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