January Journals

I just went through and tallied up all my journal entries for this month and I’m officially giving myself an F. I’ve only written 13 out of the 28 days, wtf! I knew I’d miss a few here and there, but seriously, less than 50% is pretty bad. I’m a very disciplined person with a ton of willpower so I’m pretty surprised at my poor participation.

To be positive about it though (isn’t that what 2009 is all about?), I really enjoyed the writing that I did do. Some days were just free-flow thought and others had a specific topic. It forced me to vent and to put more thought into some things that I had been neglecting. Although I’m pissed at myself for not writing as much as I should have, I do plan to keep writing in February and throughout the year (I’ve always been a journal writer).

That’s my report for January. Amanda, Jenny, any thoughts?

Next week begins an intense detox: a month of no alcohol, dairy, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors. I’m gearing up for it by spending a lot of time with Pinot Grigio and Papa Gino while I still can. It’ll be a really tough month, but I think it’ll be one of the most rewarding. More of February later though…

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